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Sun 12 July 2020, 23:41:55

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Welcome to the Dundee Civic Trust Homepage

This is the website for everyone who cares for this historic City and its architectural and environmental heritage!

Dundee Civic Trust is a voluntary body and charitable trust set up in 1973 aimed at the preservation and promotion of the urban heritage of the City and its neighbourhood, and to encourage the best standards of design in architecture and town planning for new developments.

Who are the members of the Trust?

People like you who feel that the quality of the urban environment in which we live is an important matter and that developments should be better. People who are not content simply to complain to friends when they see poor quality designs or inappropriate developments being proposed, but wish to actually do something to try to improve the situation.

What can you do?

You can join our activities and help preserve, conserve and improve the urban heritage of Dundee, the City of Discovery.

We now have a facebook page ... Dundee Civic Trust Facebook Page

Why you should join?

The influence which the Trust can bring to bear, is clearly enhanced by the breadth and depth of its membership. By joining the Trust, even if you do nothing else, you can demonstrate that you care about your City and help to improve it. In addition your membership adds weight to the Trust's influence with developers and authorities alike.